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Your review must answer the following question: What was the main idea or theme of the play and how.

Your review must answer the following question: What was the main idea or theme of the play and how did the technical and performative aspects you are focusing on work to represent and clarify that idea?
[Please notice that the main question of this review is NOT is the play worth seeing. You may briefly touch on what you think the worth of the play is in the conclusion. However, please be aware that you have to clearly answer the above question. You are not judging the production merely on how you value its aesthetics; you are judging it on how well the play’s ideas melded with the manner in which the production presented those ideas.
Basic Instructions
1. Length: at least two, no more than three pages; text must be double-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman with one inch margins on all sides.2. Put the following information in the upper left-hand corner of the first page:NameTHEAXXX [Your class number]Date you are writing the paperEmail Address
DATE OF WHEN PLAY WAS SEENTHEATRE ADDRESS INCLUDING STREET, CITY & STATE3. Give your review an interesting title. This is the place to be most creative in an attempt to draw the reader into your text.4. Every time you use the title of a play, like Macbeth, it should be italicized.
General Writing Guidelines
Structure• Write an introductory paragraph to establish your topic and pique your reader’s interest.• Develop a clear thesis statement (main point) and make sure that each body paragraph supports that main point.• Unite each body paragraph with a claim that supports your thesis (topic sentence).• Provide detailed examples as evidence to support each claim. Oftentimes, one or two very detailed examples are more effective than several very general examples.• Organize paragraphs logically.• Develop transitions between paragraphs to lend coherence to your argument.• Develop a concluding paragraph that clearly indicates the end of the essay, sometimes stating or restating the thesis.
*Any play, but necessarily, that’s currently on Broadway can be used to write this paper.

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