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Assignment #9: Your organizational analysis.
Compose a document (minimum of 3 pages, single-spaced, in technical report/memo form using section headings, page numbers, and memo format addressed to the principal and cc’d to me), I’d use the following section headings: Purpose/introduction, Trends/themes from the interviews, Four Frames Analysis, SWOT Analysis, AI Discussion, Potential Change Areas (numbered), Choice of Change Area for the Change Plan (the focus of the org. change plan assignment).
-Summarize and interpret the interview responses from module 8, by documenting the salient points from the questions (refine or expand on your themes and trends), and by referencing the corresponding responses to the question by the principal, and the second interviewee, that elicited the idea or observation. Make sure I can see clearly who is responding and what they said. I’m not wanting a total re-print from module 8, rather, what salient points were said, what words did they use, and what are the implications of their responses? In other words, give me an interpretation and use the themes you found in assignment #8. Try to keep this section to 1or so pages in length.
-Then, present to me your initial organizational analysis, using the Four Frames; appreciative inquiry; and a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) as your perspectives. Remember, SWOT is from module 5. Just list S: and then your comments, then repeat for W, O, and T. This section must be a minimum of 2 full pages. Feel free to include any perspectives of strategic management.
-Lastly, list all the potential areas of change (opportunities, threats, weaknesses, deficits, etc.) you’ve uncovered and then recommend one area that you think you can most help with and that is attainable. You will then need to meet with the principal, present this analysis, and then recommend one area for which you will develop a change plan for (assignment #10). Make sure to get the principal’s feedback on this one preferred change area.
Grading: 5 points for the themes from the interview responses; 15 points for a thorough and inclusive analysis (SWOT, Four Frames, etc.); 5 points for an inclusive list of the potential change areas, and one selected change area; 5 points for format, composition, lack of typos, etc.
Here’s an example of a pretty good document from a previous class.
Org. Ass. Assignment #9 example.docx

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