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your assignment should be 2 double spaced pages

Your assignment should be 1–2 double-spaced pages, including a holistic, interactive, and transdisciplinary systems map of the Japanese auto supply chain, with text explaining how your map accurately illustrates the entire supply chain in both Japan and the U.S.

Review “Supply-Chain Challenges in Post-Earthquake Japan,” pages 421–422 in your Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management textbook.
Examine systems mapping for operations and supply chain systems.
Research the Japanese auto supply chain for its component parts and previous assessment of the system.
Create a holistic and interactive systems map of the Japanese auto supply chain. Within your map:

Indicate points of reinforcement and leverage within the supply chain.
Document the internal and external tasks and accountabilities across the supply chain.

Explain how your systems map accurately illustrates the entire supply chain.

Your map should demonstrate your conceptual understanding of the scope and scale of the Japanese auto supply chain, not simply a detailed report of its process.

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