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You will provide an annotated bibliography for each article…

You will provide an annotated bibliography for each article in one page and discuss how these articles identify a gap in the literature that you wish to address in your dissertation Computer Automation and Artificial Intelligence :,techniques%20with%20an%20improved%20efficiency.&text=Automation%20refers%20to%20the%20act,process%20more%20automatic%20than%20before.&text=Automation%20involves%20the%20integration%20of%20tour%20types%20of%20devices. Journal of machine learning research : Provided attachment Reference
Annotated Bibliography:
Article 1: “Computer Automation and Artificial Intelligence”Link:,techniques%20with%20an%20improved%20efficiency.&text=Automation%20refers%20to%20the%20act,process%20more%20automatic%20than%20before.&text=Automation%20involves%20the%20integration%20of%20tour%20types%20of%20devices.
Summary: This article provides an overview of recent developments in computer technology and its implications for automation and artificial intelligence (AI). It discusses the various techniques and advancements in computer automation that have led to improved efficiency in different sectors. The article also emphasizes the integration of different devices to make the automation process more automatic.
Evaluation: This article is a comprehensive source of information on computer automation and AI, providing a detailed analysis of recent developments in the field. It covers key concepts and explains the integration of various devices in automation processes. The information presented in this article is supported by references to other relevant research studies, making it a reliable source for understanding the current state of computer automation.
Article 2: “Journal of Machine Learning Research”Link: [Attachment]
Summary: The attached journal article focuses on machine learning research, which is a subfield of AI that aims to develop algorithms and models that enable computers to automatically learn and improve from experience. It discusses various topics related to machine learning, including algorithms, data processing, and applications in different domains.
Evaluation: As the attached file contains only the title and reference of the journal article, it is difficult to evaluate its content. However, the Journal of Machine Learning Research is a reputable publication in the field of machine learning, known for publishing high-quality research papers. Therefore, it can be inferred that this article provides valuable insights and findings related to machine learning.
Identification of a Gap in the Literature:
In reviewing these articles, a gap in the literature becomes apparent regarding the application of computer automation and AI in the field of healthcare. While the first article discusses the general advancements in computer automation, it does not specifically address the utilization of these technologies in healthcare settings. The second article, although not fully accessible, focuses on machine learning research but does not explicitly discuss its application within healthcare.
Therefore, the identified gap in the literature is the lack of research exploring the integration of computer automation and AI in healthcare settings, specifically in relation to improving patient care, efficiency, and decision-making processes. This gap presents an opportunity for further research and exploration in the field.
By addressing this gap, my dissertation aims to contribute to the understanding and implementation of computer automation and AI in healthcare, potentially leading to advancements in healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

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