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December 1, 2020
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December 1, 2020

Perils of the Police Chief week 3 discussion 1

Identify the options that communities have regarding the influence, support, or removal of a politically appointed Police Chief. How influential can the community, labor union, or political leadership be in supporting a chief who is under fire by opposition supporters? Conduct research and cite an example that is not included in the assigned readings.

Communities can have a big part in have a politically appointed chief removed from office. Communities are able to have protests, which can definitely gain a lot of press. When it comes to press a chief definitely does not want to have any bad press coming out of the communities that they are dealing with. Another way that can help eventually get a chief out removed would be by petitions. They are able to petition the city council or mayor to have the chief removed. If there are enough signatures, then the mayor or council may actually have something that they need to look at. They may want to hear what the community has to say about the department and chief. If the chief is not doing a good job, then the community needs to let the city council and mayor know about it. The community is a big part in this because the people are who we serve as police officers. They can see when the job is not getting done within the communities. They can also help out when the chief may be under fire though. They can help because they see more than what the council or mayor may see. They see how well the department has been running since they are the ones that we serve. The community can help because they will be the ones that are able to let the media and everyone involved know how much crime has went down since the chief has taken over. The community can really help and can also be the downfall of any chief of police.

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