writing assignment 312

You are invited to speak at a local community center on “Major Issues of the 21st Century: A Philosophical Perspective.”
May 5, 2021
May 5, 2021

I need a Claim, Outline and Draft completed on this writing statement: Should the college implement a mandatory attendance policy ?

Develop three claims, and select one to take through the From Claim to Draft process. Develop your outline into a draft (no less than 500 words).

I also need this discussion question answered in 200 words or more.

Consider the evidentialist argument against belief in God:

1) If there is no good evidence for belief in God, then you shouldn’t believe in God.

2) There is no good evidence for belief in God.

Therefore, 3) You shouldn’t believe in God.

Do you think this is a sound argument? If not, why not? Where does the argument go wrong? If you do think it is a sound argument, then what, if anything, could you say to the theist in order to try and convince the theist of the argument’s soundness?


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