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Write 2-3 sentences describing how your analysis illustrates their strategic issue and leads you… 1 answer below »

[Name][Company Name] case analysisBackground/Problem statementInclude one (1) paragraph (no more than 4 sentences) with essential case facts. End this section by clearly stating the strategic issue that you plan to address. This sentence should begin with, “The strategic issue in this case is …”. Be specific in the strategic issue that you identify. The issue should not be “how to sustain a competitive advantage” as this is the case for all companies. Draw on the specific company and industry to identify a critical strategic issue. Write the strategic issue in your own words. Do not copy text from the case. State just one future-focused issue (i.e. don’t point to an historical issue that the company faced).Strategic analysis & optionsUse strategic tools to conduct an analysis. This can include a five forces analysis, a value chain analysis, contingency frameworks, and any applicable financial analyses. Do not reuse frameworks (ie. do one case with a Porter’s five forces and another with a value chain analysis etc.) Your financial analysis may be inserted as tables at the end of this document, but the document may not exceed the page limit described below. Include relevant course material to support your analysis in this section. Use bullets! If you conduct a Porter’s Five Forces analysis: Clearly state the level of each force (e.g., low, medium, high) and provide appropriate justification. See course material for supporting rationale if the case data is unclear. If you conduct a value chain analysis: Conclude with the take away from the analysis – how does the internal analysis that you have just conducted help you better understand the internal capabilities of the firm in a way that will allow you to address the strategic issue? Include value chain activities (both primary and support activities) mentioned in the case. Recognize that different organizations place differential emphasis on functional areas within the value chain. For example, a service firm will not likely value the inbound and outbound logistics in the same way that a manufacturing firm does. Therefore, focus on the activities most critical to the specific firm you are analyzing.IntegrationWrite 2-3 sentences describing how your analysis illustrates their strategic issue and leads you to your recommendations. Here you help your reader understand how your framework helps you diagnose your strategic issue and how it guides you toward your recommendations. In addition, provide evidence using data from the case in an excel file attached to your post.For example, “from the value chain analysis it is clear that company X relies heavily on their manufacturing ability which is difficult to duplicate. Therefore they would lose a valuable and unique capability if they chose to outsource manufacturing. This finding leads me to suggest that they should be willing to invest some resources to patent their manufacturing advances.”RecommendationsFormulate a set of recommendations (2-4) that directly support your strategic analysis. Your recommendations should include specific statements describing exactly what needs to be done. Explain why this course of action will solve the strategic issue that you have identified above. Include relevant course material to support your recommendations in this section. Use bullets! Specifically identify recommendations that directly focus on your strategic issue. Your strategic analysis should help inform these recommendations. Do not restate what the organization is already doing. State what they should do going forward. Do not include tactical recommendations. Do not rely on business fads like “focus on international growth in emerging markets” or “invest more in R&D” Consider recommendations that naturally flow from your analysis frameworkAction PlanInclude 2-4 action steps for each recommendation that directly relate to the implementation of your recommendations. The action plan should include what specifically needs to be done, when the action needs to occur, and who is responsible. Use bullets! Be specific and include who is responsible for the action (e.g., which functional area or person), and within what timeframe you expect the action to take place. Develop your action steps with sufficient detail to explain how the implementation will occur. Clearly address all of the recommendations that you have outlined above. Additional Notes: The goal of these analyses will be to provide novel and creative solutions to the issues described in each case. A reasonable degree of creativity will be required to get full points.
ResponsesResponses should be concise and insightful. Using information from the case to push back on, develop or refine the assertions made in the case analysis and recommendations. Great responses pose challenges to any unintended consequences of the recommendations.

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