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World Cultural Perspective Outline – Empire Essays


For this assignment, prepare for your World Cultural Perspective paper by completing the following:

Provide an update on your research into your selected culture, and share opportunities you have had to gather information about the culture, including opportunities to interact with members of the culture. This might include conducting informal interviews with members of the culture, viewing media presentations and Web sites, and reading books and articles.

Provide a list of at least three resources that you have found related to the following. Your resources may include interviews, Web sites, scholarly articles, media, and books that focus on the aspects of the culture you have chosen to study. Cite all references in APA format.

The social issues, tendencies, and trends of a chosen culture.
Nonverbal communication within your selected culture and how it affects personal interactions across cultures.
Other cultural differences that affect personal interactions and communication across cultures.


Create a 3 pages essay in APA Format. Use 3 sources of your choice as references. Be sure to include in-text citations.
Your selected culture will be military life in the United States Navy.

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