Women Studies

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January 5, 2021
400 word discussion
January 5, 2021

i have extra point assignment due on Wednesday ..

  1. 1. Read Helvie’s “The Bechdal Test and a Sexy Lamp” 2. Select a film. Any film will work (including animation), but some will be easier to analyze than others. Feel free to check with me if you are having trouble deciding. 3. Watch the film and make notes. See attached checklist. 4. Based upon your notes, your understanding of the concepts we have covered so far in the course, and the texts that we have read, write a feminist analysis of the film (at least 500 words, MLA format). • The analysis should include the title and a brief description of the movie. Extensive plot summary is unnecessary. (I will take off points for excessive summary.) • The majority of the essay should be a discussion of the way in which the movie represents women and feminist concerns. I would suggest working your way through the “Checklist” and discussing (explaining, exemplifying) the answers that seem most important to the movie as a whole and your experience watching it through the feminist “lens.” You don’t have to go through and talk about everything. Maybe pick three to five points to talk about in detail.
    Feminist Movie Analysis Checklist.pdf

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