Women and Leadership Report

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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Please read the requirements carefully and follow them exactly.

1. Carry out a survey of women s speeches to decide how women do leadership language, style of delivery, communication style, logic, emotion, etc. Use http://www.ted.com/themes/celebrating_tedwomen.html or http://www.ted.com/themes/women_reshaping_the_world.html. For this part you have to watch at least 8 interesting and short videos where leader women give speeches and then discuss your findings in the report. Choose at least 5 aspects of leadership and discuss them:
Examples are:
How do (female) leaders persuade: using an appeal to logic, credibility with the audience, or an appeal to emotion.
How do (female) leaders communicate: Whether they use masculine or feminine communication Styles or discuss any other aspects of their communication style.
What are the leadership language they use.
What is their leadership style: examples are paternalistic, transformational, and transactional styles.
Add more aspects.
Based on your findings mention whether you believe that men and women differ in terms of leadership and who is better. ( I prefer that you mention that the gender has no significant influence on the leadership style). This will be added also to the findings part in the report.

2. Use the opinions of these two authors Judith Baxter and Deborah Cameron about female leaders, to support your findings.
3. List all the links of the videos (at least 8 links) that you will use to write the findings.

4. Prepare a report (550 words) in the following format
Findings (discuss your finding from the survey and your decision)
Recommendation: make recommendations concerning a training course for women in the development of effective leadership language.

5. Use a very simple language in writing the report