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when you team choose another nursing issue on the paper, please Kindly note the deliverables for…

when you team choose another nursing issue on the paper, pleaseKindly note the deliverables for the assignmentThe paper will be completed in 1500 wordsCase study- Darren’s case studyNursing problem selected is –• Risk of Nausea and/or Vomiting related to anaesthesia and opioid medications and would be evidenced by complaints of nausea and observed or reported vomiting1. Discuss the importance of the Nursing Problem you have chosen and why it is a particular risk for Darren in the first 4 hours of his return to the surgical ward.Approximately 500 words2. Write one Patient Centred SMART Goal for Darren’s Nursing Problem that you have selected. Approximately 1 to 2 sentences3. Provide three (3) relevant Nursing Interventions designed to achieve the selected SMART Goal.4. Discuss each intervention separately and include evidenced based rationales for the intervention; Approximately 600 words (200 for each intervention)5. Discuss the evidenced based assessments you would use to evaluate the effectiveness of implemented nursing interventions; Approximately 400 wordsReferences- APAand one more thing, the old one is just got 25/80, so for the re-write paper, I need get more than 50/80, because this paper is my whole hope to pass this subject, I do not want to pay A$4500 to repeat this subject, please do it carefully!!!!!!

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