What were the ethical issues presented in the simulation?

What are some examples of justice and leadership as it relates to employees? How does distributive justice come into play in healthcare field?
November 30, 2019
Discuss what the research shows about genetic contributions to the development of the chosen disorder.
November 30, 2019

What were the ethical issues presented in the simulation?

o What decision-making steps did you take to ethically address these issues?
o What ethical perspectives, or lenses, did you use to make your decisions in the simulation?
o How did these ethical perspectives, or lenses, influence your decisions?
o How might concepts from this simulation relate to your workplace?

Dilemma 1
You are a supervising nurse in Seva Medical Center’s Ob/Gyn department. Earlier today, a minor unwed mother in the early stages of labor was admitted, accompanied by her parents. As your night shift begins, you see a few emails about the situation….

From Subject
Brenda Willis Patient to watch
From: Brenda Willis

Patient to watch

Just a quick note as your shift starts:

Near the beginning of my shift we admitted a 16-year-old mother, Rachel Banks. She’s in her tenth hour of labor now. Her parents have been with her, and they have chosen to limit the amount of medication and other medical assistance we’ve administered for personal reasons. Given the length of her labor, however, her situation could worsen. Keep a close eye on her. I’m not sure her parents understand how dangerous her situation could get.


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