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What is the shortest map distance between adjacent genes??

A cross in corn is carried out with three linked genes in a triply heterozygous genotype for the alleles pairs (A, a), (D, d), and (R, r). The dominant allele A results in red leaves; aa plants have green leaves. The dominant allele D results in tall plants; dd plants are dwarfed. The dominant allele R results in ragged leaf margin; rr plants have smooth leaf margins. The triply heterozygote is crossed with homozygous recessives for all three alleles, and the following phenotypes of progeny are observed. Assume that interference in each interval is complete, so that the map distance in centimorgans (cM) corresponds to the percent recombination,
Red, tall, ragged 265Red, tall, smooth 24Red, dwarf, ragged 120Red, dwarf, smooth 90Green, tall, ragged 70Green, tall, smooth 140Green, dwarf, ragged 16Green, dwarf, smooth 275Total 1000
a) What is the order of genes on the chromosome??b) What is the shortest map distance between adjacent genes??c) What is the longest map distance between adjacent genes??d) What is the value of interference??

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