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What is cooperative breeding? What is multiple care-giving?

2 pages- You should introduce the topic, and summarize the information from each author (follow the Comprehend section of your Rapid Critique Checklist) and also respond to the following questions in the course of your paper.
Be sure to address: What is cooperative breeding? What is multiple care-giving? What is attachment? How do these articles and video affect our understanding of attachment and our views regarding care-giving customs cross-culturally? Do these discussions on multiple care-giving and cooperative breeding alter your perception of care-giving practices in the US? How can this perspective offer insight into debates about daycare in this country?

Hrdy, Sarah Blaffer. “Comes the child before man: How cooperative breeding and prolonged postweaning dependence shaped human potential.” In Hunter-gatherer childhoods, pp. 65-91. Routledge, 2017.
Meehan, C.L., et al., Chapter 9 in your book
Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, CARTA Seminar:

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