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What are the steps in the Tax research process?

In the case “Alacare Home Health Service, Inc., Petitioner VS. Commissioner of Internal Revenue Respondent”, evaluate the importance of the principal issue litigated in the case.What is the principal issue in the case “Alacare Home Health Service Vs. Commission of Internal Revenue”?What are the steps in the Tax research process?Use the steps in the tax research process to evaluate the importance of the principal issue litigated in the case Alacare Home Health vs. Commissioner of internal revenue.Compare the American Institute of CPA Statements on Tax Standards and the Treasury Department Circular 230 rules to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.Suggest which document creates better guidance in the preparation of tax returns and written advice provided to taxpayers.Compare the tax advantages of debt versus equity capital formation of a new corporation.Which tax advantage would be better for a person who is started a new corporation?I would like references.Research the advantages and disadvantages of debt for capital formation and equity for capital formation of a corporation.Please read the question/s carefully before writing the discussion post. No single grammar mistake please. Please check grammar and correct it before sending me. It is very important to answers all parts of the discussion question.XYZ Health Care is a provider of health services to senior citizens.In what ways do health insurance coverage rates and sources of that coverage differ between general and special populations (such as homeless population)? Are there particular aspects about the way health insurance is structured that lead to these differe

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