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What are the implications of Documentation and Forensic Issues in a lawsuit against A Nurse?, health and medicine homework help

Topic 1: Documentation and Regulatory Compliance
Based on the information you have learned in the course so far and the readings, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of charting by exception when faced with a malpractice lawsuit. Discuss how you would correct mistakes in a medical chart and the formatting of your documentation when witnessing an adverse patient occurrence (APO). What APOs have to be reported in your state? How would charting corrections be perceived in a court of law? What are the implications for handling of forensic issues?
Topic 2: Impaired Nurses
Assume that you have knowledge that the nurse working with you on your unit has been illegally using drugs. What are your obligations to disclose this? What are your obligations to the institution you work for? Are there any places you could refer the nurse to? What are the implications for this nurse’s license? Are there any potential risks to your license? If so, what?

Textbook Readings
Essentials of Nursing Law and Ethics
Chapter 12: “Confidential Communication”
Chapter 26: “The Medical Record and Documentation Standards”
Chapter 27: “Electronic Health Information and Communication”
Chapter 28: “Interdependent Nursing Functions: Verbal Orders in Telenursing”
Chapter 29: “Event Reporting and Compliance”
Chapter 30: “Quality and Safety in Nursing Practice”
Chapter 31: “Forensic Issues”
Chapter 49: “Reporting Illegal, Unethical, or Unsafe Conduct”

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