What are some of the questions you need to begin asking the external future “partners” at the health information exchange?

Select and analyze a real quantitative (qualitative is written in the classroom) research study and explain how it may or may not be able to help improve an aspect of health care delivery. Quantitative Research: Article Summary
November 30, 2019
The concept of wisdom is critical in both nursing management and nursing informatics. Nursing judgment refers to appropriate delegation of tasks to the nursing assistants.
November 30, 2019

What are some of the questions you need to begin asking the external future “partners” at the health information exchange?
1) Amber Henderson

Sun Oct 9, 2016 at 9:31 am
I absolutely agree with the four leadership characteristics. It is important for leaders to be empathetic at all times and not just after they have been reminded. A good leader must not only point out other weaknesses but to accept they have weakness and show others they need to improve. Being flawed is a good and humbled experience. A good leader must be intuitive and be able to read body language and situations without being told. This will give the leader an advantage and ability to jump in front of a situation. Finally, while uniformity is good a leader with some uniqueness can be an advantage to their leadership as well as give them a different edge (Goffee, & Jones, 2010).

The one strength that stands out to me the most if empathy. I try to be empathetic to employees, and what may be effecting them outside of work. While performance is important it is also important to realize that they are not simply employees but people. It is important for my emotional intelligence to stay on point everyday for me, my employees, as well as the physicians I work with.

What I could improve on most is the ability to read a room. While I am in tune to others and am pretty good at reading people and body language, I could definitely improve on my self confidence. My initial thoughts are almost always right on I just do not believe in myself enough and start second guessing myself.

2)April Wilson

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Q: In this module you have explored how leadership and communication styles influence one’s authentic leadership approach. In this week’s reading, Goffee and Jones (2010) discuss four leadership characteristics that every leader must have. Do you agree or disagree that these are must-have leadership characteristics? Be sure to give examples that support your position. Support and justify your opinions with credible reference sources.

REAL LIFE APPLICATION: Which of the four characteristics stand out to you, as your greatest strength in leadership, and which of the four is your area of greatest need for improvement?

A: While reading the article by Goffee and Jones, I found myself agreeing at nearly everything that they wrote beginning with finding strength in weakness. I am so glad that they brought this to attention and expanded on it because this is an important factor in what makes the difference between titled managers and manager who are leaders. It does not hurt to show that you are human and that you too are subject to bad days. Nagle writes “Like you and I, they are susceptible to bouts of thoughtless behavior” and that is something that we all need to realize (2015). People in leadership roles are there because of their ability to lead, not their ability to be perfect.


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