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what are internal and external methods of recruitment and hiring?

Q2: With external recruitment, businesses source candidates outside of the organization. Job seekers who are not currently employed with the business are hired. Businesses can use recruiting skills and large candidate pool to make finding external applicants easier. Recruiters can use external recruitment methods to find candidates for their clients. There are several methods for finding candidates outside of your company. Such as Social media, web boards, recruiting events and referrals. Businesses can use internal recruitment to source candidates within the existing workforce. External recruitment gives you a larger candidate pool than sourcing within a business. By increasing the number of potential hires, businesses get more options to fill open positions. With internal recruitment, a job is offered to someone who already works for the company. One big internal is promotion, when need to fill a higher-level position, managers could promote an existing employee. Since managers already work with the employee, they would best know the worker’s capabilities and work ethic. Others can be internal advertisement, referral, and temp to hire. A big advantage to internal recruiting is that the employee knows the business, managers, and higher ups. The same goes with the managers promoting the employee, they already know what production he can bring to the table and the advantages they will have promoting such employee.
Q3: My 3 that to me are relevant are turnover rate, cost benefit ration, and cost per hire. Metrics report current, year to year numbers for areas of HR such as turnover, employee engagement and performance, and many organizations base incentives on management’s performance to HR metrics. HR metrics that are with corporate and business strategy add value and organizational effectiveness.
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