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Western Culture/Heritage Lecture and Reading Integration

According to class lecture, and the reading assigned the textbooks and the handouts, answer completely, thoroughly, thoughtfully, coherently, accurately, precisely, the only one of following:

  • Describe, compare, and contrast the ANE creation and flood stories with the Torah/Genesis. Use Fiero, the Bible , and Wenham’s commentary selections (on Sakai), and cite , in detail, the comparisons and contrasts that are there. Be thorough and accurate.
  • Watch Prager University’s 11 videos on the Ten Commandments on Youtube, paying close attention to the Introduction, and to Do Not Steal and Do not Murder. Each is 5 minutes. In terms of contemporary relevance of Exodus (and Torah and Bible generally): Contrast the difference between the broad picture Genesis and Exodus provides of monotheism (the source of moral standards), and the contemporary secular Atheism or Agnosticism which denies any purpose to the world, or transcendent moral standards that aren’t simply relative, in a Protagorean sense, to individual belief. The videos may be found here:

Grading criteria are: Organization, clarity of thought and writing, accuracy *according to any class or all prof lectures and reading, including any handouts*, citations, neatness, thoroughness (not leaving key issues undiscussed), and precision *not repeating or babbling.
For credit, it is due Friday, May 27, 2016 at the beginning of class.

  • It must be entirely your own, original work. You must sign your title page to that effect.
  • It must contain footnotes (probably several per page) citing page and paragraph or line number or minute and second number from the YouTube video assigned.
  • It must be 1 inch margins all around, Times New Roman 12 pt font, double-spaced, and stapled.
  • It must be between 1,200 and 2,100 words, no more, nor less, and the word count must be accurately recorded on the title page. An automatic deduction of 10% applies if not.
  • The professor reserves the right to ask the student detailed questions about any or all parts of the paper, including the definition of any term or phrase in your paper.
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