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Wave Characteristics
For Lab 7, please review Chapter 11 in your textbook.  Week 7 invoices the wave characteristics analysis of two periodic cosine waves – one red and the other blue. 
Run the simulation.  You will use the data from the “Time” and “position” measurement tables to help fill in the wave characteristics blanks on the Lab Answer Sheet. 

All simulations can be downloaded here, this week’s file name is “EXP #7 B4.ip”.
Fill in the blanks in the Lab Answer Sheet at the end of this lab. THIS LAB IS DUE AT THE END OF THE WEEK.
Submit this Lab Answer Sheet when all of the labs are completed.
These can be scanned and sent as pdf or picture files (e.g. tif, gif, etc.) or by any other method of your choice as long as the Answer Sheets are legible and translatable by Grantham University faculty.

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