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Week Discussion question – nursing writers

Case Study:
Charlene is a 55-year-old female who has had emphysema problems for many years. She has a 20-year history of tobacco use. Today, Charlene was seen in the clinic due today increased shortness of breath and non-productive cough over the past three days. She has an SaO2 of 90% with most recent pulmonary function test findings indicating the following: FVC- 70% FEV1-69% FEV1/FVC ratio-69%.

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Discussion Questions:
1. What physical findings might be indicative of a patient with emphysema?
2. What is the purpose and interpretations of the pulmonary function test?3. What are the pathophysiological findings specifying emphysema?
4. What are the three functions of the respiratory center located in the brain stem?
5. Please provide a description of the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve?
6. What are the pathophysiological findings specifying bronchitis?

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