week 9 discussion 30

discussion post 844
April 9, 2021
Public health partnerships
April 9, 2021

Discussion 1:

“Ethics and Social Responsibility and Funding” Please respond to the following:

  • From the first e-Activity, evaluate Ben and Jerry’s strategies and efforts to address its ethics and social responsibilities to the environment. Speculate on why many businesses do not follow Ben and Jerry’s example regarding their responsibilities to the environment. Support your answer.
  • Reflect on companies that have conflicting responsibilities to multiple stakeholders. They need to satisfy shareholders, employees, customers, and the community. Analyze the conflict created when managers are paid bonuses that reflect only bottom-line profit. Propose alternative compensation schemes and support your proposition.
  • From the second e-Activity, suggest a method of attracting angel investors to your start-up business. Determine what you would have to do to get your business into a state that would make it worthy of funding and explain why.

Discussion 2:

“Growth, Change, and Having a Plan B” Please respond to the following:

  • From the e-Activity, looking back over what happened in the social media market and knowing what we know about Facebook, propose what MySpace management could have done differently to overtake the competition with Facebook. Determine the mistakes that MySpace management may have made.
  • Planning for exit might be the most important thing an entrepreneur can do. Without an exit strategy, the entrepreneur may have no retirement option or no way to get his or her investment out of the business. Suggest at least three methods for an entrepreneur to exit and analyze the difficulties of implementing them.
  • Using a business idea that you might consider for your own business, determine some key risks that would threaten your business plan. Propose a method to mitigate each key risk.


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