Web Crawler

Article review about the Innovation of Augmented Reality over the years
May 19, 2020
Discuss the indication for Levonorgestrel. How should the medication be used? What are some special considerations or precautions? What are some the common and serious side effects of the medication? Can you purchase Plan B in your state without a presсrіption? What are your personal views on Plan B APA FORMAT PLEASE!!!!!
May 19, 2020

Need to design a web crawler using C language, the specifications for this assignment is in that project 1 web crawler pdf. There’s two additional documents for starting tips.
My tutor said the sort of http libraries that you shouldn’t use are  libcurl.  (as an exception, you can use the  HTML  parser  htmltidy.c from libcurl.)
Also they said client.c could be a good starting point, most of them actually use that file to modify to make it work as a crawler.


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