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watch YouTube video – Empire Essays

1) Please watch this TEDtalk:
2) Please write up 100-150 words on what you think were the three most important parts of the video.

3)after that leave comment on these two paragraphs each comment should be three sentence or more:
1-I believe the three most important parts of the Ted talk were how Jason Teteak explained how to make other people understand your ideas as well as convincing others of it. He pointed it out in three steps. The first step was making the audience feel safe, then telling the audience why you need it and then finally using your style on how to make them laugh. Another key part were the different styles of communicating your point and figuring out which style best suits you. Understanding if you are an inspirer, fantasizer, energizer, or performer and finding out where you best fit under those styles. Finally i believe what Mr. Teteak said about what people want which are happiness, success, and freedom and understanding how to satisfy those wants through your interaction was a concept that I did not recognize before.

2-The overall theme of Jason Teteak’s Ted talk video was how to effectively communicate and get people to listen to what you are saying. This could be while giving a presentation, going for a job interview or meeting someone new on the holidays. To do this, you must do three things simultaneously. The first is you must tell the person how what you do helps them. Teteak says everyone tunes into the same radio station, “WIIFM,” also known as Whats In It For Me. This involves making your audience feel safe. The second is you need to tell them why before what, meaning people want to know why they want your product and what it is going to do for them before they even want to hear what it is. Lastly, Teteak mentions four styles, “fascinaters, inspirers, energizers and performers.” He says that you must find which style is yours and use surprises and vulnerability within this style to effectively get people to listen to you.

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