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watch the video and do some research, and answer the following questions one by one

Watch the brief video above entitled “Champions of the Land” AND DO SOME RESEARCH ON EACH OF THE environmentalists.

John Muir
• In a sentence, explain Muir’s viewpoint on nature?
• What work event caused Muir to put a higher value on nature and the outdoors
• What Environmental Organization did Muir create?
What does that organization do?
• What did Muir and Pinchot battle over in the early 1900’s?
• What was the purpose of the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir?
• From an environmental standpoint, what is Muir’s legacy?

Gifford Pinchot
• How did Pinchot’s view of nature differ from Muirs?
• When Muir and Pinchot disagreed on Hetch Hetchy in the early 1900’s who had to settle their differences? What was the decision?
• In one sentence, how would you describe Pinchot’s view of nature? How does it differ from Muirs?
• Why do you think Pinchot’s view of nature is important to society?
• Environmentally speaking, what was Gifford Pinchot’s legacy?

Ma Jun
• What was Ma Jun’s background and career?
• What Book did Ma Jun author and what topic did it cover? Why was it considered to be
• What does Ma Jun believe to be the biggest Environmental problem in China? Why does he believe this?
• What is Ma Jun’s current job and what does he do? Why is it important?

Why is Ma Jun considered to be important?

Masanobu Fukuoka
• What environmental principle did Fukuoka-san believe in and why was it important? What is it now called?
• What are clay seed balls and what do they do? Why is this important?
• What was “One Straw Revolution” and what did it cover?
• Name a major award Fukuoka-san was awarded? Why did he earn it? Why is this important?

Rosalie Edge
• Before becoming an environmentalist, what other social cause was she involved in?
• How did this help her when she got more involved in Environmental issues?
• What was the major environmental battle Rosalie Edge was involved in and what issue did it address?
Why is this important?
• What National Park is attributed to Rosalie Edge’s efforts?
• Which environmental organization did Edge file a lawsuit against and what was the issue?

Aldo Leopold
• What book did Aldo Leopold write? What issue does it cover?
• What major environmental principle did Leopold address and why is it important?
• Explain in one sentence what land ethic is?
• Leopold was involved in Wildlife Management. What is Wildlife Management?
• In one sentence, how would you say Leopold’s legacy is. Why would you consider him to be importnat?

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