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watch a film and write 200 words

1. Watch a video and write 100-200 words as response
The 83-85 Bowery video as well as the Towers on the Waterfront describe a concrete case of displacement in Chinatown and the Lower East Side. The eviction in Chinatown or the developments at the waterfront were direct results of the 2008 EV rezoning that excluded Chinatown and It may be argued that the EV rezoning in 2008 was racist and that it created displacement. It can also be argued that this experience of displacement can be replicated throughout the City due to the latter’s zoning policies and patterns in the recent Years (see Angotti and Been debate). It can also be argued that the City is not responsible for displacement because it is the developers who are doing the developing (not the City). Should the City be held accountable for displacement or not? Is your position? And, Why?
83-85 Bowery, Manhattan Chinatown

The 8385 Bowery tenants video on vimeo requires password. It is bowery8385.

2. based on your answer, write a comment to other’s answer
As for the responses to the classmates, you have to decide how long you should write. It depends on your understanding of the readings
Your responses to your classmates should be critical. This means that you should seriously evaluate your classmates’ comments/responses. Do they make sense at all? Can any of the comments/responses be linked to the assigned readings? If not, why is the author not doing so? Is the author making a new argument or simply avoiding a critical engagement of a serious issue? Why do you think the author is doing so? You should take a position on an issue and defend your position by referencing the readings or your own research.
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