War And Security

“Classroom Assignment” Interviewing Skills
June 12, 2021
a 1000 word paper template provided with a couple small quizzes
June 12, 2021

Submit the essay in a Word document with the file name in this format: LASTNAME_GSC 501 Essay #2.docx. Please use double-space, 12pt font of your choice. While no outside sources are required, if you use an outside source, please cite them, as well as any course sources from which you draw specific ideas. The idea is that this essay, or any essay in the MAGS, can be circulated in the public domain without concern for plagiarism. Please use MLA format unless you are already more comfortable with some other style.

Assignment Instructions: Write a 750-1250 word essay, answering this question: Why has the US had such a difficult time achieving satisfying results with military force in the post-WW II era?

This assignment should be in an article and argumentative form that can be published in the school journal.


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