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Video reaction paper | Sociology homework help

Video Reaction Paper
The goal of this project is to have students think about self-esteem differently and realize the application to their own lives.
Write a 2-page reaction paper on Amy Cuddy’s Tedtalk ( (Links to an external site.))
In your reaction paper please be sure to include the following:

Title and speaker of the Tedtalk                                                              
Summary of the Tedtalk
Overall impression of the Tedtalk
Specific parts of it that you liked or found challenging, including the reason why you felt this way
Do you think the Tedtalk has merit – does it seem valid? Why?
How does what Cuddy says relate to what you have learned about self-esteem in the eText? Be specific using examples from the video and concepts/ideas from the eText.
How would be able to apply Cuddy’s ideas to your own life? Be specific, give examples, and fully explain them.
Would you recommend this Tedtalk? Why?

12-point font, Times Roman, double-spaced)

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