viability of space tourism

What are the chances we are living in a computer simulation?
May 18, 2020
May 19, 2020

The research question is: Is space tourism viable?
The Research proposal includes my annotated bibliography and the outline for my essay.
The working draft has an updated version of my introduction and outline please give priority to this file as it is my latest version.Please pay attention to the first full draft rubric.I want my essay to follow the exact same rubric. Please let me know if you want reference examples for the essay writing still. Any further questions… always ask me. All the references should be scholarly. The reference articles should definitely be peer-reviewed. Please let me know if you samples for your reference. Please give priority in writing the body paragraphs first, i’d like to review it. And lastly, please pay utmost care in the APA style- in text citations, parenthesis etc.


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