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Using the patient from Assessment task 2, you are required to verbally execute a clinical… 1 answer below »

TaskThis assessment comprises two (2) parts.Part 1: ISBAR referralUsing the patient from Assessment task 2, you are required to verbally execute a clinical handover toa relevant interdisciplinary health professional using the ISBAR (Identify, Situation, Background,Assessment and Recommendations) format. This handover must be recorded as a mp3 (audio) file,not exceeding 2.30 minutes.ISBARI (Identify)- Identify yourself, your position, the patient and who you are talking to.S (Situation)- State what the main health concern is and the purpose of the handover. B(Background)- Formulate a clear and concise summary of the important and relevant backgroundinformation.A (Assessment)- Outline relevant nursing assessments that you have conducted and demonstrate anunderstanding of the interpretation of the results and how they all relate to each other.R (Recommendation)- Clearly and concisely outline what recommendations you are making withregards to the health concern, including an overall plan of care.Students will be advised via the subject Interact2 site on how best to submit their mp3 file.Part 2: DiscussionYou are required to provide written justification for your chosen interdisciplinary healthcareprofessional. This justification must demonstrate your understanding of the importance ofcollaborative care in relation to the patient in Assessment task 2.This part of the assessment task must adhere to the following format:• Introduction• Discussion• Conclusion• References

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