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I posted three topics the professor shared with us for this semester.. Please do reflection paper on the three topics. Please be sure its 5 paragraphs. The professor is hard on everything please make sure that the essay is straight to the point, you can given give examples. DIRECTIONS: Discuss any three fundamental aspects of teaching literacy or composition that we explored this semester and how you would approach teaching them (feel free to use the word “I” if you wish to do so). This presentation must be doubled spaced with a font of size 12. It should be at least five (5) paragraphs in length and must include an introduction and a conclusion. More importantly, it must demonstrate elements of paragraph structure and thought patterns we examined this term. In other words, each body paragraph must begin with a topic sentence that outlines the specific area being discussed and followed by your explanation and examples etc. Remember that the core of your presentation is the body paragraphs, so you are free to make the introduction and conclusion relatively short if you so choose.
May 19, 2020
Public safety versus an individual′s privacy
May 19, 2020

Hi, I attached the instructions and a sample essay. The professor is very demanding. I have 65 points for now, need 25 get an A for the course. So, I need your help.
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