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Unit 4 IP (IM)

2,000–2,500 words
Add the marketing plan section, which should include the following:

Identify 1 promotional strategy and advertising message that you recommend to differentiate your particular brand.
Establish where the product will be available, naming at least 3 distribution outlets, with one being an online storefront.
Develop the pricing strategy.

Develop your client’s international marketing plan. It’s time to polish the international marketing plan from Weeks 1–3. The plan will include the following sections:

Executive Summary: This summarizes major points of the plan.
Introduction: Include a brief explanation of the company, product, and the country chosen for global expansion.
Cultural Analysis: Briefly describe how the product fits your selected country’s culture.

Include the following information about expansion into your particular country:

Geographic Research
Target Market Population and Demographics
Economic Research
Legal Research
Political Research
Government Considerations
Language Considerations

Competitive Analysis: Include information about the brand’s competition.

The 4 Ps of marketing
Industry information

Marketing Plan

Marketing Objective
Global Positioning Strategy
Product Differentiation
Advertising and Promotional Strategy
Distribution Strategy
Pricing Strategy

References and Appendices

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