Assignment: Practicum – Week 2 Journal Entry (Due in Week 4)
April 9, 2021
infotech in a global economy 48
April 9, 2021





  1. Due DateMonday, February 25, 20199:00 AMPoints Possible25
  2. How to submit your assignment:In order to successfully submit your assignment to the submission area, follow the directions:
    • Complete the assessment; your results will be displayed.
    • Select “Share your result” from the results page menu items.
    • Copy the URL and paste it into the assignment submission area in the Blackboard online course shell.
    • Once you have successfully pasted the results URL and included the assessment summary, you may submit your assignment for grading.

    See the reference document here, if you need additional help. (Note: Failure to submit the results URL into the assignment submission area within the Blackboard online shell will result in 0 points for the assignment. Evidence of purposely skipped answers, incomplete answers, or limited effort is at the instructor’s discretion and may result in partial or incomplete credit for the assignment.)


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