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Assignment #5: Into the Future……….Transhumansism

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Part A)
#1) Bionics, Transhumanism, and the end of Evolution (Full Documentary) (25 points)


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*** I have designated minutes (in red) throughout the video to assist you and guide you through the film. Questions will follow the film in a sequential manner.
1. (1:18)Genetics, robotics Artificial Intelligence, bionics and nanotechnology seem to be converging to one goal. What is that goal?
2. (1:49) According to the film, in a transhuman age a more evolved species will leave mankind behind as a fossil. This will redefine what?
3. (3:00)Dr. Robert white was the first to do what with the brain?
4. Why was it more difficult to keep a brain alive outside the body than other organs?
5. Steven Hawkins, astrophysicist, speaks by what means?
6. (5:35) Dr. White transplanted the head of a monkey on to the head another monkey. The monkey survived for how long before the head was rejected? (.5 point)
7. Does Dr. White believes that consciousness and personality can be transplanted?
8. When did Human Genome project begin? (.5 point)
9. (8:25)Dr. Green equates the code of life to what other type of code?
10. According to the film, what is the Secret of life?
11. (10:40) What is the mechanism that we use to alter DNA today? (what organism is used to transplant DNA?)
12. Dr. Jean-Jaques Cassiman believes that the pig will be a good supply of organs to transplant into human. What must they first be able to do in order for this to occur?
13. Max Moore( philosopher) believes we all came about in a random fashion with imperfections. What does he feel is one of the most moral things we can do for humans?
14. Dr. Hans Moravec states that the skills of computers are developing at a rate that is 10 million times faster than we ourselves developed. He believes computers will have surpassed us in how many years?
15. (18:18)What is the Difference between artificial intelligence and biololgical intelligence ?
16. Dr.Mark Tilden has not developed a brain for his machines but claims he his machines can learn through what type of system?
17. (20:34) Carl Simms designed a software program with small cubic creatures that were able to evolve. He also programmed in random change. What happened with this program that was extraordinary and unexpected?
18. (25:26)According to the film, If we want to stay advanced, the solution must be to become what?
19. How have researchers guided brain cells to grow on microchips?
20. (30:01) Dr. Thomas De Marse grows neurons and listens to “conversations” between them. What other interesting research is he conducting involving aircraft?
21. (31:53) Dr. Dan reconstructed what a cat sees on a computer screen. The cat was watching “Indiana Jones”. At the end they zoomed in on a man. Instead of a man this image had what type of appearance?
22. (43:02) What is nanotechnology?
23. (44:58) What are some of the applications for nanotechnology?(2 points)
24. (45:41)What are nanobots and what are their applications?
25. (47:52)What is the Gray goo syndrome?
26. Do you support research in nanotechnology? Why or why not? Which ethical approach would you use to support your argument (See assignment #2 guideline for Blog: Utilitarian, Common good, Virtue, Fairness and Justice or Rights approach)
#2) Grandma and her robot (5 points)
Pictures courtesy of:
1. What is Paro?
2. In the author’s view, the robots themselves are ethically admirable. What then is the ethical uncertainty?
3. In Ray Bradbury’s story “Marionette’s, Inc.,” a husband who wants to leave his wife but doesn’t want to hurt her purchases a robot of himself. On the last night before departure he feels a tender anticipatory sadness and puts his head against her chest. What does he hear?
4. How does the author feel about robots and deeply held human values?
5. Does the author support the use of Para and CosmoBots? Why or why not?
Part B: Applied Research: (45 points total) Visit
1. Select three articles to briefly summarize –(12 points each) Post each link below:
a. Article; #1:Title and link____________summarization————-
b. Article #2Title and link ___________ summarization————
c. Article # 3 Title and link____________summarization———–
2. In each article summary, determine the following:
a. Are these trends “good” for society? Why or why not?
b. Review the ethical approach you used for your blog on assignment #2. Which Approach best fits your belief on each article: Utilitarian, Rights, Common Good, Fairness, Virtue approach etc.) Underline the approach you used.
3. Based on your summaries for the above three articles, how would you say humans are evolving into the 21st century? Answer with at least 150 word paragraph (9 points)
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