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topic:Health effects associated with environmental hazards (powerpoint presentation) Develop a… 1 answer below »

topic:Health effects associated with environmental hazards (powerpoint presentation)Develop a PowerPoint presentation targeting a specific audience on a topic pertaining to subject matter covered in this course that critically evaluates the issues in the topic area selected.Know your audience- remember you are educating your audience on epidemiology of a particular disease (eg zika) or condition (eg nutrition)Has to be data driven and know your message;You have to apply the epidemiology skills you will have learnt to this assignment:Remember we are not just copying and pasting data or information but showing our competency as epidemiologists to make sense of the data and drive the message. Use some of the epidemiological concepts addressed in the class (i.e. epidemiological background of the condition. Epidemiological research may include descriptive information by person (who), place (where) and time (when); information about incidence, prevalence and/or mortality rates; and/or risk factors; prevention strategies for the condition selected; study designs; measures of association, etcWhat would be the data source(s)?what are you comparing or what trends would you be looking at?Also be very clear on what your predictor variables and your outcome variable are (independent and dependent variables). If your topic signifies increase- how will you show that there is an increase? If it is prevalence – what specific period are you referring to? Which years are you looking at? which populations?Use graphs or maps- remember you are presenting this data to an audience and you have to make it palatable to them.You can add speaker notes- this is encouragedWhat is your take home message?OverallPresentationPointers:• Yourpresentationshouldbefreefromgrammaticalandtypographicalerrors• Keepitsimple.Useillustrationsincludeyourartisticside.• Useatleasta24-­-pointfont–donotfilluptheslide• Trytolimitthematerialtoeightlinesperslide,andkeepthenumberofwordstoaminimum.Summarizethemainpoints-­-don’tincludeeverydetailofwhatyouplantosay.Keepitsimple.• Limitthetablestofourrows/columnsforreadability.Sacrificecontentforlegibility-­-unreadablecontentisworsethanuseless.Manylargetablescanbedisplayedmoreeffectivelyasagraphthanasatable-­-includecitationsforgraphs• Don’tputalotofcurvesonagraphicaldisplay-­-busygraphicaldisplaysarehardtoread.Also,labelyourgraphsclearlywithBIG,READABLETYPE.• Useeasilyreadfonts.SimplefontslikeSansSerifandArialareeasiertoreadthanfancieroneslikeTimesRomanorMonotypeCorsiva.• Avoidderivationsandconcentrateonpresentingwhatyourresultsorargument/issuemeanssuchthatthereadercanfollowyou.

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