Topic: – Were There Ever Decisive Conditions Present For British Victory in the Dodecanese Campaign 1943? for British in this is campaign

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ESSAY-Q- Were There Ever Decisive Conditions Present For British Victory in the Dodecanese Campaign 1943 for British in this is campaign
1.Gooderson, Ian, ‘Shoestring Strategy: The British Campaign in the Aegean, 1943’, Journal of Strategic Studies, Vol. 25, No. 3 (2002), pp. 1-36.
2.Holland, Jeffrey, The Aegean Mission: Allied Operations in the Dodecanese, 1943 (Westport: Greenwood, 1988).
3.Rogers, Anthony, Churchill’s Folly: Leros and the Aegean, The last Great British Defeat of the Second World War (London: Cassell, 2003).
4.Smith, Peter C. and Walker, Edwin, War in the Aegean (London: William Kimber, 1974).
.Essay structure :
-Introduction ;
The Decisive Conditions “A combination of circumstances, effects, or a specific key event, critical factor, or function that when realised allows commanders to gain a marked advantage over an opponent or contribute materially to achieving an operational objective” (AJP-5).pp2-7 5.
• No, Decisive Conditions for British Victory were never present during the Dodecanese Campaign 1943.

-main body:
don’t tell story or dont tell this campaign story from british pespective you should:

• apply the Decisive condition definition above to Dodecanese campaign1943 focus on 1,2,3 and 4 from reading list and find out most decisive condition in this campaign for British is it :
1. American support in term of resources
2. Italian willing to fight
3 line of communication by entering Turkey for fight in Allied side
4. ……………….
you should prove it why you think those are decisive condition by example and evidence from reading list or quote “…………….“. discussion and arguments analyses or you can back to (AJP-5) or paraphrasing .
and take some quote to prove that and reference each of them at the button of essay paper Chicago referencing to answer the essay question .
• these decisive condition never achieved why you should prove that by discussion analyses with quote “……………..“ and paraphrasing from reading list sources example or evidence to answer the essay question and reference each one as well.
• conclusion .