Topic: Pandemic & Public Health

law and regulations in Public relations
May 19, 2020
May 19, 2020

Content Options: Select and use the assigned Durkheimian, Weberian, or foundational feminist theory to analyze the current pandemic and/or public health crisis. Another option is that you may pick two of these three sociological theory traditions and compare and contrast their insights when applied to the topic of pandemic and public health. Use the assigned readings and intros in the Kimmel course textbook as your only or main source for theory in this theory course. For the current topic, use credible sources (unless you’re doing a study of, say, fearmongering in social media. Such non-credible sources will be used as data, rather than credible authority.)

Here is the Sociology guide (courtesy of the Sociology librarian) on how to research and find credible sources for Sociology: I don’t care which professional citation style you use, though you must use it consistently; but my favorite style is ASA: Here is a writing guide for Sociology: for Sociology Guide Second Edition.pdf You will be graded on your writing (in the paper option) and logic quality, your proper use of and literacy with the assigned sociological theory, and your sociological approach to the topic.


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