Topic: Nike Company Recommendation Proposal

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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Order DescriptionRECOMMENDATIONS DETAIL: In this section, your team will provide one recommendations about
what the firm should do going forward to maximize its performance. The recommendations may
be designed to make the firm more competitive against its rival, or to refocus the firm’s business
so it competes less directly against its rival.
The recommendations should be plausible and based upon:
i. The key strategic issues based an analysis of NIKES internal and external environment.

ii. Any additional research that you’ve conducted regarding “how” the courses of
action that you are recommending would be implemented. Investigate what it might take to actually implement your ideas. (USE ENTERING EMERGING MARKETS SUCH AS CHINA, BRAZIL, AND INDIA AS THE RECOMMENDATION. )

INCREASING INVOLVEMENT IN EMERGING MARKETS (Questions to consider/answer in recommendation):

How might this work
1. Which particular markets would your company be targeting
2. What do you know about the targeted market and its needs (Hint: USCS)
3. Will you need to modify your current product line and/or service delivery in order to effectively serve this market How might these modifications impact the organization
4. Which rivals will be waiting for them (or might also be currently vying for a position) in this emerging market Are you expecting a long battle for market penetration
5. What’s your timeline
6. What are the potential costs and payoffs
7. What are risks and benefits of making this move
8. How can you utilize concepts/tactics discussed in our lectures, videos, readings or your research to develop this idea (Look for comparable moves have been made by other companies.)

FORMAT LIKE THIS: To resolve _____, the company must enter into emerging marketplaces. We believe that this is the best course of action given _____. The cost and benefits of this proposed course of action are _______, with payback over the next _____ years as shown in Exhibit ____.