Topic: How was household consumption been affected by pre and post recession in the UK over a time period from 2004-2014

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February 8, 2018
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Order DescriptionAn econometric model must undertaken; using time series method. Mulitple regressions must be run using STATA. I require comprehensive explaination of the variables. Using the given econometric model, I need the regression to be run along with screenshots of all the regressions under taken. I will also require one regression with a lag variable. All regressions must be put in a table format and explained coherently. You will need to give a break down of each variable with justifications of why you have chosen them, why they are sigificant, how you intend to fit them into the regressions and also the limitations of using such variables. You willl need to be able to evaluate extensively as to why they are limitations and how it affects your overall hypothesis. You will also need to talk about heteroskedasticity, serial correlation, multicollinearity . All logs will need to be explained extensively.

Please ensure that the regressions are put into a coherent table format and all the data are clearly outlined. All keys explaining the different abbreviations must be noted down.

The overall question is how has hosuehold consumption been affected by pre and post recession over 10 year period 2004-2014. Please make sure you pick the relevant variables. I have attached some excel files with some data but please bear in mind i expect you to build on this find more extensive and wide range of variables and data.