Topic: Answer FIVE questions based on Alexander Pope’s Essay on Criticism

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February 8, 2018
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Order DescriptionThis is a Criticism course, and these are FIVE questions.
The assignment is:

Answer the following questions in 4-6 sentences (each), based on Alexander Pope’s Essay on Criticism.


1-What is the problem of subjective judgment, according to Pope Do few men have even the potential for good judgment What ruins “good sense” (lines 19-25)

2. What must a good critic know about himself Why does Pope advise critics to “stoop to what they understand” (lines 46-49)

3. What is the proper relationship between wit and judgment To what is the poet’s wit compared (lines 84-87)

4. Why should a modern poet have a “just esteem” for “ancient rules” (lines 130-35, 139-40)

5. Pope designates pride as the greatest single cause of “Man’s erring judgment.” He thus suggests that there is a relationship between man’s ability to know the truth and his moral disposition. Is “true wit” possible without humility Do you believe this