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Three questions to answer – Empire Essays

I dont need essay . I need you to answer 3 questions:
1. This video focuses on the history of traditional training methods – lecture.
TEDx Talks. (2015, May 11). The more you’re taught, the less you know | Stephen Baldridge. [Video file]. Retrieved from
Please comment on the Tedx Talks video featuring Stephen Baldridge. What caused you to pause for reflection and why?
2. Reading this week
his article was written by two analysts from the Brandon Hall Group, a TD research firm.Wentworth, D., & Lombardi, M. (2014, August 28). 5 trends for the future of learning and development. Training. Retrieved from
This blog was part of a TD magazine article that was written by a professor of instructional technology. He gives us some interesting and plausible future learning trends.Kapp, K. (2016, February 2016). 5 learning tech trends to watch in the next 5 years [Blog post] . ATD. Retrieved from
Based on your readings this week and our previous readings during the term, what two or three trends do you see impacting TD the most over the next decade and why?
3. A newly elected U.S. president has to assemble a cabinet and fill many key administrative positions. Disregarding the politics of the situation and based on this week’s readings:

What challenges do you think a new president faces in building a team?

What advice would you give a new president to help build a high performing work team?

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