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This unit’s milestone project involves the creation of a six-page research essay. After reviewing… 1 answer below »

This unit’s milestone project involves the creation of a six-page research essay. After reviewing unit 4’s lecture videos and reading assignments, begin Assignment 10: Organizing and Writing the Research Essay located at the end of Chapter 9 (page 428) in the textbook. Be sure to follow the advice offered by steps A-D in Assignment 10. You should notice Assignment 10 refers to Assignment 9: Preparing a Topic Proposal for a Research Essay. Work through all steps, except for Step C, in Assignment 9 as to prepare for writing.
Remember to use the essay template and APA formatting for the essay. The essay should also incorporate: One or two APA formatted short quotes. Properly formatted citations and references. APA formatted body text and level headings as shown in the essay template. One-inch margins, all around, as shown in the essay template. A proper title page, as shown in the essay template.
Please note: The required page count does not include the title page and references. The body of the essay must be at least six pages in length.
ASSIGNMENT10: Organizing and Writing the Research Essay
A. Using the topic and preliminary bibliography that you developed for Assignment 9, pages 337–338, write down a tentative list of main ideas, based on your own ideas and the information and evidence provided by your sources.
B. Develop an outline based on your list of ideas, and consider a possible the- sis for the essay and a strategy that will best develop your thesis and accommodate the evidence found in your sources.
C. After you have compiled a substantial list of ideas and developed a tentative thesis, reread the passages, cross-referencing the items on your list with the relevant material from your sources. While you do not have to use up everything in all your notes, you should include all relevant points.
D. Develop this outline into an eight- to ten-page essay.
ASSIGNMENT9: Preparing a Topic Proposal for a Research Essay
A. Choose a broad topic that, for the next few weeks, you will research and develop into an extended essay of ten or more pages.
¦ If you have a person or an event in mind, but do not have sufficiently detailed knowledge to decide on a focus and target date, do some pre- liminary reading first. Start with an encyclopedia article or an entry in a biographical dictionary; then use the online databases and search engines, as well as any bibliographies that you find along the way.
¦ If you select a contemporary subject or issue for argument, search for books, journal and newspaper articles, and Web sites that will help you to formulate a few questions to be explored in your essay.
B. Compile a preliminary bibliography, based on your search results. At this point, you need not examine all the sources, take notes, or plan the organization of your essay. Your purpose is to assess the amount and, as much as possible, the quality of the material that is available. Whether or not your instructor asks you to hand in your preliminary bibliography, make sure that the publication information that you record is accurate and legible. Indicate which sources your library has available and which may be difficult to obtain.
C. Submit a topic proposal to your instructor, describing the probable scope and focus of your essay. (If you are considering more than one topic, suggest a few possibilities.) Be prepared to change the specifics of your proposal as you learn more about the number and availability of your sources.

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