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The psychology of health and illness

Ogden, J. (2017). The psychology of health and illness: An open access course. The psychology of health and illness.pdf

Kaplan, R. M. (2009). Health psychology: Where are we and where do we go from here? Mens Sana Monographs, 7(1), 3-9. Retrieved from
Hettler, B.  (1976). The Six Dimensions of Wellness Model. National Wellness Institute, Inc. Retrieved from or download the pdf.
Video ResourcesManchanda, R. (2014, August). What makes us get sick? Look upstream [Video file]. TED. Retrieved from
Part 1
Consider a time when you or a family member/friend were sick (could be a minor sickness like the flu, or something more serious). Discuss how various biopsychosocial factors may have contributed to the illness. Discuss the behaviors involved and how you feel those behaviors contributed to the illness. Reference the textbook in your discussion post.
End your discussion post with one well thought out question related to health psychology from which your colleagues can formulate a response or generate further discussion.
Your Discussion should be at least 250 words in length, but not more than 750 words. Use APA citations and references for the textbook and any other sources used.
Part 2
After reading The Six Dimensions of Wellness Model, rate your own wellness for each dimension on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being the lowest possible level of wellness and 10 being highest possible level of wellness). Analyze your highest and lowest rated dimensions of wellness and consider possible reasons why they are at that level. Write about what you learned from this activity as well as how this relates to what you have learned this week.
The Learning Journal entry should be a minimum of 400 words and not more than 750 words. Use APA citations and references if you use ideas from the readings or other sources.
Hettler, B. (1976). The Six Dimensions of Wellness Model. National Wellness Institute, Inc. Retrieved from

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