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The lean startup book, crtical essay and presentation, business and finance homework help

Must check the File uploaded with instructions and outline for the paper must follow the highlighted part (in yellow) is my part just focus in that please- pay attention to every detail in the file

Thesis: Every entry level entrepreneur should read the lean statup because it offers a low risk, low cost, and time efficient method to creating your own business

1-argues a compelling point about the book
2-summarizes the book’s major ideas and key points, citing relevant passages as evidence
(MY PART-2 pages single space) 3-assesses and elaborates on the book’s major strengths, drawing on examples from the text> must be related to the thesis

What is MVP (define and introduce)
MVP> Low cost
MVP >Low risk
MVP > Time efficiency
Why learn the method, why the book is strong for every low-level entrepreneur? what have been learned from the strengths of the book?

..2 pages on the same content but for presentation so, it should be in different format and less formal language and more interesting with connections and arguments about major strength of the book

Total: 4 pages’ single space – 2 for critical essay 2 pages for presentation

In-citation- for the book , page number Style of writing no first person- concreate and use examples and quality of insight, evidence, organization, and technical skills.
4-offers a thoughtful critique of the book’s shortcomings and explains how addressing these shortcomings would strengthen the book
5-develops thoroughly and clearly a connection between the book and 1-2 current events/examples.

The Lean StartUp: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses (2011) by Eric Ries.

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