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The following tasks recognized for this test plan of the digital banking application but not…

2.1 ObjectivesThis test plan offers a framework for application testing and explains the approach, scope, scheduling and resources of testing activities. The Digital Checkbook Application project team (group) will execute this system at client site and the key objectives of this test plan is dual:To deliver a user with an information of the testing strategy that will be utilized to make sure that the executable platform performs as mandatory; as well asTo recognize resource needs to make sure sufficient staffing levels are accessible to perform testing actions of the application.2.2 TasksThe following tasks recognized for this test plan of the digital banking application but not limited to:Test plan identifier and project overview and documentTest items (list of components of the application to be tested)Functional features in-scope and out-of-scopeOverall testing approachItem pass/fail criteriaTest cases and plansTesting environment and requirementsTest team roles and responsibilitiesTest scheduleLimitation and RisksApprovals3.0 SCOPEGeneral:The following things (components) of the checkbook banking application are considered under testing:1. New User Registration Page i.e. testing the registration form with field inputs.2. Login Page i.e. testing the login page using fields inputs and buttons.3. Application Dashboard Sectional Menu and its components:3.a. Adding user accounts button3.b. Adding transaction logs button3.c. Logout button4. Application Dashboard Sectional Transaction Menu4.1 Transactional expense logs4.2 Transaction expenses reporting

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