The Challenges of Specific Populations

What do you think about the role of integrating nursing with faith? Do you feel is appropriate? When is it appropriate? In what types of settings do you feel this would work best in? Do you feel all nurses should integrate faith in their nursing practice? Why or why not and how?
January 5, 2021
HSA 315 week 10 assignment Power Point
January 5, 2021

To prepare for this assignment:

  • Review the Learning Resources for this week, focusing on how prevention, intervention, and consultation approaches vary from and differently affect specific populations.
  • Select a specific population of interest to you (e.g., African-American children living in poverty, Native American teenagers, Caucasian women who are homeless). You are encouraged to select a population that you may want to focus on for your Final Project.
  • Search for an article from a peer-reviewed journal in the Walden Library that addresses the practices of prevention, intervention, or consultation with your chosen population, in connection with a specific issue, problem, or concern.
  • Consider the challenges you might face in the practices of prevention, intervention, or consultation with this population, and how you might address those challenges.

The assignment: (1–2 pages) My final project is about developing an intervention program to address substance abuse among African-American children and adolescents living in poverty

  • Identify and briefly describe the population you selected and the issue, problem, or concern related to this population.
  • Based on the literature you read, briefly describe two to three challenges that might occur in the practices of prevention, intervention, or consultation as the result of working with your chosen population and the identified issue, problem, or concern.
  • Explain how you might address these challenges.

To review peer-reviewed journals in the Walden Library, here is my login info: username; password; Naurelton88

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