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The aim of this assessment is to increase your knowledge of cancer by creating a fact sheet for… 1 answer below »

Assessment 3: Cancer Fact Sheet
Word Count Equivalent 1000 words Topic
An estimated 138,000 Australians were diagnosed with cancer during 2018, with an estimated 150,000 predicted to be diagnosed by 2020 (Cancer Council Australia, 2018). Although cancer is a leading cause of death in Australia it is important to be aware that many advances in early detection, treatment and supportive care have significantly improved the chances of survival (Thom, Corcoran, McCabe 2018). Registered Nurses in all clinical and community settings will care for patients with cancer, – from diagnosis through to end stage disease.
The aim of this assessment is to increase your knowledge of cancer by creating a fact sheet for patients. Use the following headings and be concise and succinct with your information. No more than two A4 pages. Please use the following headings to frame your fact sheet. Title of fact sheet including chosen cancer (For Example- Breast Cancer) Brief pathophysiology of your chosen cancer and different types. Common Symptoms to be aware of- can use bullet points. Factors that increase your risk of this cancer or common causes Diagnosis- can use bullet points Treatment and prognosis- can use bullet points Support services prevention References- please use the Vancouver Referencing System.
Reference List Facts and figures, cancer in Australia 2018, accessed 27th feb 2019 (Links to an external site.) Thom, Corcoran, McCabe 2018, ‘Cancer Survivorship’ in Henke Yarbro, C, Wujcik, B M & Holmes Gobel, B 2018, Cancer nursing, principles and practice, 8th edn, Jones and Bartlett Sudbury, Massachusetts ch 71. 2005-2027. All Cancer Types (Links to an external site.) Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2019. Cancer in Australia 2019. Cancer series no.119. Cat. no. CAN 123. Canberra: AIHW.

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