Entry 1:Recall the big questions discussed in Chapter 1. Select one (or more) of the questions, and apply it to a specific situation in your life. Briefly describe the situation, and discuss how you w
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The second assignment
for GGR349
involves the production of a term paper
essay of
at least
10 pages
of text
double-spaced (not including Figures,
Tables, reference list, etc). The
term-paper is intended to have
a standard essay format. You should
choose a topic, identify and
target scholarly sources of literature
related to that topic, and then
formulate a basic question, or
small set
of questions,
related to that topic. Such
questions may be relatively simple, as
in “what
has been
the impact
of deindustrialization
on the
articulation of income inequality in cities
in Canada”
or something
like that
(of course,
this is
only an
example, and you are free
to choose topics very different from
this). In the paper, you
should discuss the literature that
has been
written on the topic, and different
theoretical/conceptual perspectives that might help in
answering your research question/s and explaining
trends that have been uncovered,
as well
as any
empirical evidence to support your
conclusions. You need to
have a
minimum of ten (10) references,
either from academic journals or

cited in your
and list in a bibliography at the end of
the paper.
Note that
web searches
are helpful

identifying up-to-date factual
material and empirical illustrations, and you are welcome
to cite
material from web sources. However, please
note that
materials sourced from websites (that
are not
academic journal articles) do not qualify
for an
item count
in these
ten (10)
required reference materials. Likewise, chapters
from the textbook or other required
readings for the course do
not qualify
as part
of these
ten reference
materials. However, you are
still welcome
to cite
the textbook.

Term Paper Topic

The topic that
you choose
must be
related in some way to
the course
content. In most cases, if
your topic
concerns what is changing
or has
changed in cities in some
way, it
should be fine as a topic. The
important thing is to make your
topic sufficiently
focused. It is much easier
to write
a term
paper on
a focused,
narrowly- defined topic, than
a broadly-defined
topic. There are a couple
of options
you may
wish to
consider when selecting a topic. One
option would be to focus
on changes
occurring in a single city
over time
relating to one or any of
its social/cultural,
economic, physical and/or political geography.
The precise
kinds of
changes that you decide to examine
are up
to you,
and you
are free
to focus
on specific
themes in which you are
interested. Another option would
be to
compare how a particular phenomenon
is articulated
in different
cities. For instance, you could examine
how Canadian
and US
cities differ with respect to
the changes
wrought by that phenomenon (or how
Irish and
French cities differ, etc), or
you could
compare two different cities within
the same nation. Regardless of the
topic you
select, you should examine how
different scholars approach the changes you
discuss from a theoretical/ conceptual perspective, and thus
how the
changes you document might be explained.

Term-Paper Format:

The text of
your essay
should take up at least
10 pages
in length,
double-spaced on 8.5” by 11”
paper, with 1” margins.  It should be
written in formal academic style.  Your essay should
include an introduction, text body,
conclusion, and bibliography/reference list, and
where appropriate,
figures/maps, tables, end notes or
foot notes, and appendices. All figures,
tables, appendices and bibliography should be placed at
the end
of the
essay, after the text.
You are
welcome to use any established
citation format (APA, etc), however
this must
be applied consistently. You may want
to consult
academic journals such as The Canadian Geographer, Urban Studies, Cities,
and Urban Geography to help you in
thinking about how you will
format your essay. For more
information on format and
style, you may wish to
consult the work by Margot
Northey and David B. Knight, Making Sense
in Geography and Environmental Studies
(Oxford University Press).

Your essay is
due on
March 24,
2015 in
. As noted in
the course
syllabus, you should both submit your
essay through
turnitin.com, as well as
print out
a paper
copy and
bringing it to class. Please
ensure that you are
aware of
what constitutes
plagiarism and that your essay
is in
your own
words and
references properly. The term
paper essay
is worth
22 percent
of your
course grade.


Assignment 2 Term Paper

Evaluation Criteria

quality  (grammar, sentence structure,
phrasing, organization, proper citation)

– NOTE: writing
is an iterative process, you should make numerous revisions, and you should
thoroughly proof-read your essay before submitting

Soundness (logic)
of the research questions, argument, conclusions

Coverage and
discussion of relevant literature, and theoretical concepts, perspectives
related to the topic

Extent, validity
and robustness of the evidence supporting the argument, conclusions

Integration of
theoretical/ conceptual and empirical material into a coherent explanation/ set
of comparative explanations

Overall essay


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