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February 26, 2021
Heroin Abuse: Nurses Confronting a Growing Trend
February 26, 2021

As Early Childhood Educators we are constantly faced with ethical dilemmas. We have to find a balance between what we believe is right and what is being required of us. Consider the following scenario:

Eduardo, age six, has just been assigned to Rachel¿s class. Eduardo acts out, hits other children, and screams when he doesn¿t get his own way. In a team meeting, Rachel asks for ideas on how to help guide Eduardo¿s behavior. One of Rachel¿s colleagues suggests that when he hits another child, she should ¿ just give him a good whack on the bottom, and he¿ll soon get the message not to hit others.¿ Rachel needs to decide how to handle disagreeing with a colleague over the best course of action to follow when dealing with a child¿s behavior problem. She could suggest immediately that giving children ¿ a good whack¿ is developmentally and culturally inappropriate, or she could talk after the meeting and share her views that she doesn¿t think physical punishment is a way to guide children¿s behavior, or she could report her colleague to the central administration, or pursue another course of action.

In a one to two page paper with proper APA format and citations, respond to the questions listed below. Concisely state:

a) What is your stance on parents using corporal punishment?

b) What role do you think teachers need to play in monitoring each other?

c) How much disruption should a teacher and classroom tolerate before disruptive children are removed from the classroom/school?


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