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December 8, 2017
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Case Briefing Assignment/Case Assignments
Due on February 11, 2011
Each student is required to write one case brief.  Each case brief must be no longer than one page in length.  The case brief should be single spaced, in 12 point, N.Y. times font, and have one inch margins. Please follow the format set forth in the Fede/Langois manual, which is posted on BB under “Course Documents.”  You will find an excerpt of your assigned case on BB under “Course Documents.”  You can also obtain the unedited version of your case at, or on Westlaw or Lexis, both of which are available free of charge through the Montclair State University Library.  You may not consult any other sources.   
As specified in the Fede/Langois manual, each case brief should contain:

  1. Case Name and Citation
  2. Procedural History
  3. Facts
  4. Question Presented
  5. Holding.
  6. Legal Reasoning.

Case briefs are due on Feburary 11 at the beginning of class.  Any case brief turned in during class, but after the case briefs have been collected, will be considered late and will be graded accordingly.  All late papers will receive a 10% reduction (ex. B to C).  If the case brief is not turned in during class on the date on which it is due, the student will receive an “F” for the assignment.
I will not accept case briefs by email or fascimille unless you have obtained prior permission from me to do so.   The case brief must be your original work product.  Please consult the Honor Contract if you have any questions about this matter.
Case Assignments
Ayala, Elizabeth                      Furman v. Georgia
Bakir, Mellis                            Furman v. Georgia
Carter, Spencer                       Furman v. Georgia
David, Steven                         Furman v. Georgia
DiSouza, Antonio                   Furman v. Georgia
Dichio, Thomas                       Gregg v. Georgia
Ekemezie, Chetanna               Gregg v. Georgia
Goins, Drew                            Gregg v. Georgia
Hryb, Heather                         Gregg v. Georgia
Jeppson, Geoff                        Gregg v. Georgia
Jinks, Kenneth                                    Coker v. Georgia
Magrowski, Darcy                  Coker v. Georgia
Mena, Steven                          Coker v. Georgia
Miccio, Toni                            Coker v. Georgia
Mohammed, Maher                 Ford v. Wainwright
Murphy, Michael                     Ford v. Wainwright
O’Brien, Michael                    Ford v. Wainwright
O’Grady, Melody                   Ford v. Wainwright
Olivo, Joseph                          McCleskey v. Kemp
Perrone, Vincent                     McCleskey v. Kemp
Piantanada, John                     McCleskey v. Kemp
Porras, Julian                           McCleskey v. Kemp
Posso, Alex                             McCleskey v. Kemp
Prince, Simoya                        Payne v. Tennessee
Rivera, Melissa                        Payne v. Tennessee
Stephens, Cody                       Payne v. Tennessee
Sullivan, Katherine                 Payne v. Tennessee
Tapia, Michael             Atkins v. Virgina
Tejada, Yessy                          Atkins v. Virgina
Tremel, Christopher                Atkins v. Virgina
Turzani, Sasha                         Atkins v. Virgina
Ventrice, Daniel                      Baze v. Rees
Vigorito, Brandon                   Baze v. Rees
Weber, Amanda                      Baze v. Rees
West, Allen                             Baze v. Rees